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Twin Band Resaw – Cants


Twin Band Resaw – Cants

Cants Breakdown:

  • Heads for bandsaw 4″, 6″, 8″, 10″ or 12″.
  • Diameter wheels ø1.100, ø1.250, ø1.400, ø1.600 or ø1.800 millimeters.
  • Heads symmetrical whit electrical or hydraulics system.
  • High-tension band with pneumatics systems.
  • Optional double in tandem.
  • Optional Splitter horizontal saw

Infeed and Outfeed – Cants

  • Different length and diameters, by customer requirement.
  • Infeed with Stop and Loader and center drum drive.
  • Outfeed with drum drive
  • Roller table with motor drive
  • Variable speed up to 120 meters for minute