New Saw Edger CN 400

New technologies to improve results. Scanning, optimization and control



· 4 saws
· Can be commanded with or without scanner
· High speed hidraulic drive
· It is mounted on leaner bearings

Chipper & Canter

· Can be commended with or without scanner
· Head with or with no saw
· Generates splinters for cellulose plants
· High speed hydraulic drive
· It is mounted on linear bearings

Saw Edger

· Optimized with 2 or 3 independent saws
· With longitudinal or transversal scanner with handling of sew
· Up to 45 boards per minute
· High speed drive
· It is mounted on linear bearings


What stands out:


We use the latest available technologies to integrate them in our equipment in order to decrease out staff.


We make equiments with high quality materials. Designed for 3 shifts of hard work the 365 days of the year.


We worry so as that our equipments have an easy maintenance at low cost, we look for commercial elements to prevent "stoppings" that end in dead times.

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